UX Workshops – live

UX Workshops – live

Public or Private UX Workshops can help you address specific issues regarding the user experience of your product/service, while gaining hands-on experience with best practices and methods! Each Workshop is designed towards a different goal and results into useful insights and deliverables. During meetings we have structured discussions, but during Workshops we will have to work on a specific schedule and produce needed materials.

Among other things, you can use UX Workshops to:

  • Clearly articulate a vague or complex design problem. Visualize ideas and conversations.
  • Discover opportunities for UX innovation. Prioritize product features accordingly.
  • Find areas to improve on right now. Consider any blind spots, find and fix UX problems.
  • Allocate resources thoughtfully. Find what is really worth spending time, budget and effort on, ignore anything that has no positive impact on your users.

Depending on your high-level objective at the moment, we will select the tools that help you frame the discussions of your team.

The workshops can take place locally or remotely (using specific remote collaboration tools).

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