Visual Brand Design

Visual Brand Design

Your Visual Brand is the face of your business. It is the first impression of who you are.

Your Visual brand made of your logo, your brand identity colors, the typography on your website, your social media graphics, your youtube video covers, a promotional poster, your app UI, your business cards, your downloadable pdf documents. These are all opportunities for you to communicate your brand properly to your target audience.

The design of a clear Visual Identity starts with the Creative Brief. We need to capture the “business” personality on one hand, and the “audience”personality on the other hand, and bring them together with the help of one symbol.

Next, our focus moves on to design research. Symbols, ideas, stories, competition, colors, trends are all places we need to look at for useful insights before we get started with actual design.


Visual Brand Design - Logo Design

Visual Brand Design – Logo Design


Next, we work on actual designs where we visually explore the strongest ideas: sketches of idea variations and combinations, color and typography experiments etc.

Finally, we select and refine a single design, which becomes the logo of the business.

The logo, color and typography are now valuable assets of your business.

  1. They communicate your brand identity on every interaction with your users.
  2. They are also the main ingredients we will use to produce the rest your digital assets, helping the business maintain a consistent identity across devices and touchpoints.

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