Anthi Malteza

My professional outline

For more than a decade now I have worked closely with developers, engineers, marketers and other designers on a variety of freelance and corporate projects, small and large, as part of the same team or as external collaborator. Requesting, providing and distilling design feedback constantly is part of the process when working with teams. I have been overseeing all phases of the design process, from discovery and idea conceptualisation up to high-fidelity designs and interactive prototypes. I have thrived in roles where I could be proactive and take on the responsibility for breaking down communication silos, bringing people of diverse backgrounds together to co-create the optimum solution, removing obstacles along the way and preventing bottlenecks.

The development of a UX strategy starts with user research and the bringing of useful insights to the surface of team discussions. As UX practitioners, we need to strive for more than a cool interface, we need to look beyond aesthetics, we need to dig deeper and involve the human perspective in all phases of the decision making process to help balance user needs and business goals. We want to make sure that decisions are strategic, in the sense that they are based on facts and reality rather our own assumptions about what users (say they) want.

My experience shows that a shared process, vision and methodology is essential for a frictionless, efficient collaboration among the members of a team. I thrive in roles where I can be proactive and take on the responsibility for breaking down communication silos, bringing people of diverse backgrounds together to co-create the optimum solution.

In parallel to designing experiences and interfaces for companies or my own clients as a freelancer, I have been looking for opportunities to share what I have learned on the job and help others develop their skillset, make it a little easier for young people to enter the market and respond to their own career and design challenges. I have experience 
  • Leading a small team of entry/junior level professionals
  • Designing and delivering co-creation workshops targeted at strengthening creativity and  innovation
  • Teaching human-centered design to postgraduate students
  • Providing design career mentoring
  • Providing career transition and business mentoring

During office hours you will find me working on all sorts of designs, studying something new, preparing and facilitating design conversations and reviews, translating UX glossary to plain English or Greek for non-designer folks and acting as the end users’ advocate in all cases.

Other times I am busy running miles, sketching, reading my books and discovering my next favorite podcast.

Soft skills are critical when it comes to working together.

Here is my AssessFirst evaluation.

Personal style: Partner

"Producing high quality work is a priority for Anthi. Thorough, precise and structured, she strives to avoid mistakes in her work. Her diligent attitude is the result of the importance she places on other people's point of view. She listens to ideas, suggestions, and feedback. She is therefore easy to work with, giving others space, providing support as needed, and performing her tasks meticulously."