Anthi Malteza

My professional outline

Coming from a design academic background, so far I have worked under the title of UI/UX/Product/Interaction/Web designer, whether as a freelance designer or as member of a team.

I am experienced in overseeing all phases of the design process, from discovery and idea conceptualization, sketches and user flows, up to high-res designs of the end user interface, producing the right deliverable for each phase. I can help create a design infrastructure that scales and infuse design thinking principles and methodologies into the team workflow.

The development of a UX strategy starts with user research and the bringing of useful insights to the surface of team discussions. We need to strive for more than a cool interface, we want to involve the human perspective in all phases of the decision making process to help balance user and business goals. We want to make sure that decisions are based on real needs rather our own assumptions about what users (say they) want.

My experience shows that a shared process, vision and methodology is essential for a frictionless, efficient collaboration among the members of a team. I thrive in roles where I can be proactive and have the responsibility for breaking down communication silos, bringing people of diverse backgrounds together to co-create the optimum solution.

During office hours you will find me working on all sorts of designs, studying something new, preparing and facilitating design conversations and reviews, translating UX glossary to plain English or Greek for non-designer folks and acting as the end users’ advocate in all cases.

Other times I am busy running miles, sketching, mentoring fellow humans, reading my books and discovering what to learn next.