Anthi Malteza

Design Process

Gathering project requirements with clients

The most common way to start a new web development project is to receive a rough description, and a proposal request from your client. "Here is what I need, how…

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Are you left- or right-brained? Or both?

Conventional wisdom has it that people are either ‘right-brained’ or ‘left-brained’ depending on whether they tend to be more creative or analytical thinkers. From an anatomical perspective, the “right-left brain”…

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The Double Diamond

a design thinking methodology Previously, I explained what divergent and convergent thinking means and how they are essential for attacking complex problems. In this article I will continue to support…

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Why trust the design process?

Let’s assume that you, the client, are about to start a new design project. You have requested and received a project proposal that is based on a structured, step by step…

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